Digital Marketing Specialist


I am muhammed shahin, an expert freelance Digital Marketing strategist in Kannur ,kerala.Digital technology will growth their business and create a strong bond . Search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Email-marketing and search engine market are the internet marketing solutions . I assure if you choose me, I will be at the forefront of your business growth and create a strong bond .

digital marketing strategist in calicut

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing,it is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.It includes not only email,social media,and web-based advertising,text and multimedia messages are also a marketing channel



Search engine optimization is a strategy which helps to shoot up the abundant and status of inflowing traffic to your website. In every business they wer compet to make a best rank in Search Engine Result Pages. moreover, 80% of the public use search engines to discover products and services they need. therefor, I can enhance your website with a powerful Seo strategy


Social media marketing will help your business increase sales and higher convertion rate through social media platform. Additionally, SMM allows companies to engage with existing customers and reach new one as they promote thier culture,mission,or tone. As a result, I will help you to increase sales through this.


Search engine marketing’s utmost target is to promote a website’s lucency using paid search and organic search ranking. The SEM will help to build on brand attenion and help to calculate the customer traffic to your website. In addition, I can convince  my best good-turn for your business and provide a higher rank in SERPs


Content marketing is a type of marketing that helping on bringing, publishing, distributing content for a  audience. Moreover, the content helps you to improve your website using SEO . 

main content can help your reach in specified custumers. Blogging and content creation help your business to get more best leads


Google ads or Google Adwords is one of the best digital marketing strategies available for marketers.It is also known as pay-per-click (PPC). As a digital marketing strategist, I can convince my best good turn for  your company more successfully . So I can provide the finest  paid online advertising by using Google ads


A good website can help you to show a best idea on your customers.It helps to get your needs and more growth. So I will make your website well-designed and make people aware of your business. Quality web design marketing will help to promote your customer interest and bring people back to your site freequantly